Updates Pro/Ent only

The virtual appliance periodically checks whether there are system updates available by connecting to the CipherMail update servers. The virtual appliance must authenticate with a username and password against the remote update servers. If the login credentials are not correct, the remote update servers will show an error message containing the text “HTTPS Error 401 - Unauthorized”.


The login credentials for the update servers should have been provided directly by CipherMail or by a CipherMail partner.

If any updates are available, all the available updates will be shown in the “Updates” list view.

Check for updates

The Web GUI only shows if updates are available. Updates however should be installed using the console tool:

  1. Login with SSH or directly on the VMware console.

  2. From the CipherMail console application, click Other then select Update from the pull-down menu

  3. Confirm the update.

  4. Updates will now be downloaded and applied.

  5. Reboot the system after updating the system.


On the “Update server login credentials” page, the login credentials for the update server can be specified.