Upgrades Pro/Ent only

OS and application updates, can be installed with the online installer (see Updates). Sometimes however an update to a new major version cannot be done online.

This can happen for example if the underlying OS is upgraded to a major new version (for example from RHEL7 to RHEL8).


Upgrading from gateway version ≤ 4 to version ≥ 5 and from Webmail Messenger version ≤ 3 to version ≥ 4, require upgrading to a new virtual appliance because the underlying OS was updated from CentOS7 to RHEL8.

If an online update is not available, the only way to upgrade to a new major release is by installing a new virtual appliance and importing the settings from the old virtual appliance into the new virtual appliance.


Not all settings can be imported between major versions without some manual checks because there might be changes between system applications which are not compatible. Settings which are not exported to the new virtual machine are: MTA (postfix) configuration files, SSL/TLS certificate, network config. These settings have to be manually copied to the new virtual appliance.

The upgrade procedure for the gateway and Webmail Messenger is slightly different.