Additional release notes for CipherMail email encryption gateway release 2.8.6-3

A new bug fix release of the CipherMail gateway has been released with an important bug fix. Due to an incompatible change in a recent update of OpenJDK (Java runtime), CipherMail will no longer startup after the upgrade of OpenJDK. The log will show the following error (at the end of the log):

Caused by: class configured for KeyStore (provider: mitm) is not public.

Release of CipherMail gateway 2.8.6-3 fixes this problem.

The OpenJDK update has already been deployed on RedHat/CentOS but not yet in Ubuntu/Debian. The problem therefore currently only affects RedHat/CentOS. As at some point OpenJDK will be updated for Ubuntu/Debian, likely with the same incompatible change. We therefore recommend you to upgrade your gateway to version 2.8.6-3.

For those users who for some reason cannot upgrade and have a support contract, please contact Us for assistance.