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CipherMail offers products that help to automatically protect email against unauthorized access of email in transit and at rest. The centrally managed encryption gateway supports all major email encryption standards (S/MIME, PGP, TLS and PDF encryption) and is compatible with any email infrastructure.

CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway Ciphermail email encryption gateway provides an easy-to-use solution to securing your email without requiring additional client software. The centralized policy based encryption engine can be setup to automatically encrypt email based on regulatory compliance or business rules thereby minimizing human errors which might result in a data breach. Ciphermail gateway can be installed as a virtual appliance for VMware or Hyper-V or can be installed on most Linux and Unix based systems. VMware image Hyper-V image

Data Leak Prevention (DLP) module can be used to prevent certain information to leave the organization via email. DLP can configured to filter on credit card numbers, bank account numbers, excessive amounts of email addresses or other personal information in one email message, and more.

CipherMail for Android can be used to send and receive S/MIME digitally signed and encrypted email on an Android device.

Thanks to products like CipherMail, it is possible to work with open source in a productive way.
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DJIGZO has been renamed to CipherMail

The DJIGZO product range has been renamed to CipherMail.

CipherMail for Android 2.0.0 released

(2015-04-16) New release of CipherMail for Android. Release notes

CipherMail gateway 2.10.0 released

(2015-03-30) A new version of the CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway is available for download (version 2.10.0-3). Release notes

Support portal available.

(2014-12-11) A support portal has been implemented. Customers with a support contract can use the support portal to get support and download updates.

Waarom Jan zijn e-mail niet versleutelt? (in Dutch)

(2014-11-13) Waarom Jan zijn e-mail niet versleutelt?

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