CipherMail Webmail Messenger

Webmail Messenger is a practical solution to communicate securely with external recipients who are unable to use S/MIME or PGP.

how it works

Hassle-free email security

CipherMail Webmail Messenger is a secure webmail add-on to the CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway.

If the rules of the CipherMail encryption gateway determine that a message must be encrypted, and S/MIME, PGP or PDF cannot be used, the email will be sent to the CipherMail Webmail Messenger via an S/MIME-secured tunnel. The recipient gets a notification that a new message is available.

The first time the user receives a message, the user needs to select a secure password. The user can then read and reply to the message using any web browser.

Packed with useful features

Easy to use

The recipient does not have to install anything. A regular web browser is sufficient.

Supports all browsers and mobile devices

The responsive design supports all web browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and all mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android.

Easy setup

CiperMail Webmail Messenger is available as a virtual appliance for VMware and Hyper-V. Webmail Messenger can be configured as an add-on to the Gateway or can be installed as a standalone application.

Support for multiple languages

Supports English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. The preferred language is auto-detected and is easily configurable by the user.

Automatically managed

User quota and auto-cleanup of old emails helps the system administrator manage their storage requirements proactively. It also helps the customer manage their data retention policies for local compliance rules.

Read confirmation

A read confirmation can automatically be sent back to the sender after the recipient has opened the message.

Two-factor authentication

Mailboxes can be protected with two-factor authentication via SMS or TOTP. Popular TOTP apps are Google Authenticator and FreeOTP.

Multi-domain support

With multi-domain support, one Webmail Messenger instance can be shared between different customers.