Email encryption gateway

CipherMail email encryption gateway supports four encryption standards: S/MIME, OpenPGP, TLS and PDF encrypted email. S/MIME and OpenPGP provide authentication, message integrity and non-repudiation and protection against message interception. S/MIME and OpenPGP use public key encryption (PKI) for encryption and signing. PDF encryption can be used as a lightweight alternative to S/MIME and OpenPGP. PDF allows you to decrypt and read encrypted PDF documents. PDF documents can even contain attachments embedded within the encrypted PDF. The password for the PDF can be manually set per recipient or a password can be randomly generated. The generated password can then be automatically delivered to the recipient via an SMS Text message or, the password can be sent back to the sender of the message.

Main features
Supports all email encryption standards

CipherMail email encryption gateway supports all four encryption standards: S/MIME, OpenPGP, TLS and PDF encrypted email.

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

For additional security, keys can be securely generated and stored in a tamper proof hardware Security Module (HSM).

Built-in Certificate Authority (CA)

Built-in CA can be used to issue X.509 certificates for internal and external users. The gateway can utilize external CA servers like for example EJBCA.

Data Leak Prevention

Built-in Data Leak Prevention (DLP) module can be used to prevent certain information to leave the organization via email.

Compatible with all email systems

Compatible with any existing email infrastructure like for example Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Google Apps for business or Exchange online.

Easy setup

Can be installed as a virtual appliance for VMware or Hyper-V. Installation packages are available for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat/CentOS and OpenSUSE.

for a list of all features see our white paper

Community versus Enterprise edition
Feature Community Enterprise
PDF encryption
CipherMail Enterprise License
Support Public mailing list (support contract available)
Secure Webmail
Hardware Security Module (HSM) support
LDAP support
Remote monitoring (SNMP, Nagios)
Additional PDF encryption functionality
Configurable portal logo
Change portal skin
Log export
Update service
Release notes