Bring your own encryption (BYOE)

Add encryption and digital signing capabilities to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) email.

Add encryption and digital signing to Google Workspace

how it works

In the cloud, but also in control

More and more companies are moving their email to the cloud for its many benefits. Managing an email infrastructure yourself is no longer as easy as it was a number of years ago.

Moving your email to the cloud will give you certain security benefits. However, not all email security aspects are handled well by most email providers. Support for email encryption and digital signatures is in most cases missing or lacks enterprise features.

Our Email Encryption Gateway and Webmail Messenger can be integrated with Google Workspace to provide additional email security, like encryption and digital signing, while keeping the benefits of cloud-hosted email.

By utilizing Google Workspace content compliance rules, email can be selectively sent to the CipherMail appliance, allowing you to apply your own security policies.

CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway and Webmail Messenger can be installed on-premises or in the cloud.


Supports Hardware Security Modules

For additional security, private keys can be securely generated and stored on a tamper-proof Hardware Security Module (HSM).

On-premises or in the cloud

The Gateway and Webmail messenger can be installed on-premises or in the cloud. You are in complete control.

Handles incoming and outgoing email

The Gateway can be configured to encrypt all outgoing email and decrypt all incoming email.

Highly available

The Gateway and Webmail Messenger can be configured for high availability.

Supports all the major email encryption standards

Support for S/MIME, PGP, PDF encryption and Webmail Messenger.

Does not interfere with Google Workspace spam filter and anti-virus

Google Workspace will be responsible for blocking spam and malware.

happy users

Trusted by thousands of businesses and organisations worldwide

This is the only solution we found which has all the features we need to solve our encryption issues.
Fortune 500 company
Since this morning CipherMail is fully productive and the predecessor MailProtect taken out of the loop. Thanks for you good assistance to get that done
Fortune 500 company
Since tonight I have my first CipherMail installation up and running. A fantastic piece of software!
Ciphermail COMMUNITY user