About Us

CipherMail was founded in 2007 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. CipherMail provides email security products which allow organizations world wide to automatically protect their email against unauthorized access both in transit and at rest. CipherMail is a firm believer of open source software. CipherMail's engineers are frequent contributors to a number of open source software projects. By making our source code available, our clients can verify the reliability and correctness of our software. By providing commercial support, we give you the choice, confidence, and control necessary to mitigate any problems while maximizing cost savings.

CipherMail's customers

CipherMail is used by various commercial and not for profit organizations worldwide. This includes banks, lawyers, pension funds, governmental agencies and health care providers. While we would like to tell the world which companies and organizations are using our products, we are aware that this information is sensitive by nature. We will therefore only provide customer references on request.

Customer quotes

Thanks to products like CipherMail, it is possible to work with open source in a productive way.
Many Thanks for your amazing support.
I have implemented the CipherMail encryption gateway on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2, and it has been working tremendously well
This is an awesome system and I spread the word whenever I can.
Since tonight I have my first CipherMail installation up and running. A fantastic piece of software!
Thank you very much for your support, it works very well.
Thank you for your very good application. I use it quite often and like the stability, usability and functionality of it very much.