Release Candidate

Email encryption gateway release notes



  • Outgoing email can now be DKIM signed. DKIM signing key can be configured on global, domain or individual level.
  • DKIM signing keys can be generated and stored on a Hardware Security Module (HSM) [enterprise only feature].
  • DLP actions can now be delayed until it is determined whether a message was encrypted or not. This allows you to setup a DLP rule which is only activated if the message was not encrypted.
  • DLP validator's added. A validator can check whether a matched pattern has some structure which cannot be detected with regular expressions. For example a credit card can be validated using the Luhn algorithm. A validator improves detection and results in less false positives. The following validator's are supported: Burger Service Number (BSN), DEA Registration Number, Luhn and National Provider Identifier (NPI). Additional validator's will be added in upcoming releases [enterprise only feature]
  • Twilio and eCall SMS transports added [enterprise only feature]
  • LDAP certificate lookup module added. The certificate lookup/download process can be modified by editing a script file [enterprise only feature]
  • Page added which shows the database cluster status [enterprise only feature]
  • SMTP transport configuration page now supports port number [enterprise only feature]
  • Backup/restore to XML tool added. This allows the configuration to be restored to a different database system. [enterprise only feature]

Bugs, Improvements & Changes

  • Phone numbers are now validated with libphonenumber.
  • Backup/restore script refactored. MySQL is now supported.
  • Backup/restore can now skip the database (i.e., only backup other settings).
  • Thread pool size for CXF is now set to 10 threads instead of the default 200.
  • Java wrapper overrides should now be done in wrapper-additional-parameters.conf.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
Distribution packages
Ubuntu & Debian
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Back-end djigzo_3.2.2-0_all.deb PGP
Postgres package djigzo-postgres_3.2.2-0_all.deb PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web_3.2.2-0_all.deb PGP
RedHat & CentOS
Description File Signature
Back-end djigzo-3.2.2-0.noarch.rpm PGP
Postgres package djigzo-postgres-3.2.2-0.noarch.rpm PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web-3.2.2-0.noarch.rpm PGP
Description File Signature
Back-end djigzo-3.2.2-0.SUSE.noarch.rpm PGP
Postgres package djigzo-postgres-3.2.2-0.SUSE.noarch.rpm PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web-3.2.2-0.noarch.rpm PGP
TAR packages
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Back-end djigzo_3.2.2-0.tar.gz PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web_3.2.2-0.tar.gz PGP
Description File Signature
Back-end djigzo-src_3.2.2-0.tar.gz PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web-src_3.2.2-0.tar.gz PGP

The community edition of the CipherMail email encryption gateway is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3, 19 November 2007 as published by the Free Software Foundation. For training, commercial licensing, OEM or commercial support, please contact us.

Virtual Appliances
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VMware 453 MB PGP
Hyper-V 413 MB PGP
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