Release Candidate

Email Encryption Gateway release notes



  • S/MIME support for RSASSA-PSS signing algorithm added (requirement for the German edi@energy standard)
  • S/MIME support for RSAES-OAEP encryption scheme added (requirement for the German edi@energy standard)
  • RPM packages can now be relocated

Bugs, Improvements & Changes

  • Trying to export a PGP secret key to a file resulted in a NullPointerException if the selected keys did not contain any private key
  • BC updated to 1.57
Distribution packages
Ubuntu & Debian
Description File Signature
Back-end djigzo_3.3.0-0_all.deb PGP
Postgres package djigzo-postgres_3.3.0-0_all.deb PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web_3.3.0-0_all.deb PGP
RedHat & CentOS
Description File Signature
Back-end djigzo-3.3.0-0.noarch.rpm PGP
Postgres package djigzo-postgres-3.3.0-0.noarch.rpm PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web-3.3.0-0.noarch.rpm PGP
Description File Signature
Back-end djigzo-3.3.0-0.SUSE.noarch.rpm PGP
Postgres package djigzo-postgres-3.3.0-0.SUSE.noarch.rpm PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web-3.3.0-0.noarch.rpm PGP
TAR packages
Description File Signature
Back-end djigzo_3.3.0-0.tar.gz PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web_3.3.0-0.tar.gz PGP
Description File Signature
Back-end djigzo-src_3.3.0-0.tar.gz PGP
Web GUI djigzo-web-src_3.3.0-0.tar.gz PGP

The community edition of the CipherMail email encryption gateway is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3, 19 November 2007 as published by the Free Software Foundation. For training, commercial licensing, OEM or commercial support, please contact us.

Virtual Appliances
Hypervisor File Size Signature
VMware 450 MB PGP
Hyper-V 410 MB PGP