Support policy and EOL statements

CipherMail only supports a few versions of CipherMail Gateway and Webmail Messenger at any given time. If you are running a version that is unsupported, you will not receive any security updates and we strongly recommend that you update to one of the supported versions.

Our current policy is to only provide security and bugfix updates for the latest minor release. We strictly adhere to semantic versioning, which means that our minor updates are backward-compatible. We encourage everyone to update as soon as possible. For our paying customers, when we release a new major version, we will additionally support the previous minor release for another 18 months.

For customers using virtual appliances based on CentOS 7: we will provide important updates for the CentOS 7 virtual appliances until 2022-11-28. We encourage all customers to upgrade to the new appliances based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. Please contact us if you need help.

The community virtual appliances based on CentOS 7 are no longer supported.