Settings: Introduction

System settings controls the gateway’s functionality. For example the S/MIME settings control whether outgoing email should be encrypted with S/MIME. There are a large number of settings. It depends on the use case whether a setting is relevant or not.

There are various levels on which settings can be configured: factory settings, global settings, domain settings and user settings.

Most settings inherit their default value from a higher level. The global settings inherit the default values from the factory settings. The domain settings inherit from the global settings and the user settings inherit from the domain settings.

Factory settings ← Global settings ← Domain settings ← User settings.


The domains settings also supports wild card domains (* A domain inherits from the wild card domain (* ←

Whether a setting is inherited or not depends on whether the associated “Inherit” checkbox for that setting is checked.

Not all settings are supported on all levels. Some settings are only available on the global level and some settings are only available on the user level.