Webmail Messenger: Introduction Pro/Ent only


It is highly recommended to use the “Webmail Messenger setup wizard” for configuring the gateway for Webmail Messenger support.

CipherMail Webmail Messenger is a webmail add-on to the gateway. If the rules on the gateway determine that a message must be encrypted, and S/MIME, PGP or PDF encryption is not available (for example because there is no certificate for a recipient), the email will be sent to Webmail Messenger via an S/MIME secured tunnel. The recipient gets a notification that a new message is available. The first time the user receives a message, the user needs to select a secure password. The user can read and reply to the message using any web browser.


This part only explains how to configure the gateway for Webmail messenger support. For more details on how to setup and maintain Webmail messenger, see the separate Webmail Messenger admin guide.