The network settings page is only available for the CipherMail Virtual Appliance. If the gateway has been installed using the rpm or deb packages, the network should be configured with the tools provided by the operating system. An IP address can be setup with the console system application by logging into the console.

The network settings can be configured from the WEB GUI by selecting the Network menu item from the Admin menu (Admin ‣ Network). The “Network info” page will be opened which can be used to configure all the important network settings like network interfaces, DNS servers, etc.

Network settings

Network interfaces

The available network interfaces can be configured by clicking the interfaces menu item (Admin ‣ Network ‣ Interfaces). This opens the interfaces page. A network interface can be configured by clicking the “gear” icon of the interface. The network interface can be configured for dynamic IP address (DHCP) or for static IP address.


The hostname page can be used to setup the hostname of the gateway. The hostname is used by different parts of the gateway, like for example the SMTP server, to identify the system.


It is strongly advised to use a fully qualified hostname.


At least one DNS server must be available. If DHCP is used, the DNS server might be provided by the DHCP server. If static IPs are used, at least one DNS server must be configured.


The hosts table is a static lookup table for hostnames, i.e., it maps hostnames to IP addresses. When the hostname is changed, the hosts table is automatically updated.


In most setups, there is no need to add a static hostname to the hosts table.


The gateway uses the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to keep the system clock synchronized with real time. By default, the NTP server from from are configured.