Cockpit Management App Pro/Ent only

The CipherMail Enterprise Appliance comes with the Cockpit application installed. The Cockpit application is a web-based graphical interface for servers which can be used to manage certain aspects of the server.


For more information about the Cockpit application, see

The Cockpit application can be access on the following URL: (replace with the correct host or address).


Cockpit by default uses PAM authentication. You can login with your system credentials.


It is advised to only allow access to the Cockpit App on port 9090 from your own IP addresses.

With Cockpit the following tasks can be performed:

  • Inspect and change network settings

  • Configure the firewall

  • Manage storage

  • Browse and search system logs

  • Inspect a system’s hardware

  • Manage user accounts

  • Use a terminal on a remote server in your local web browser

  • Switch between multiple Cockpit servers