PDF Messenger: Introduction

A problem with S/MIME and PGP is that the sender and recipient require an S/MIME certificate or PGP key. Although installing a certificate and a private key is not hard, even less so when using the gateways built-in CA functionality, for most recipients getting a certificate and configuring the mail client is too difficult.

PDF encryption is a light weight alternative to S/MIME or PGP. With the PDF encryption module, the complete email, including all attachments, is converted into a password protected PDF. The password protected PDF is then sent to the recipient. The recipient can open the PDF using a standard PDF reader.

PDF encryption

The password for the PDF should then be securely delivered to the recipient.

PDF messenger features

  • The PDF is encrypted with AES128.

  • Attachments are embedded within the encrypted PDF.

  • The recipient can reply by clicking the reply button.

  • Full Unicode support.

  • The original email can be attached (as .eml file) Pro/Ent only

  • HTML email is supported including embedded images Pro/Ent only.

  • PDF template is fully configurable Pro/Ent only.

Example PDF OTP encrypted email from Gmail inbox:

Encrypted email

Example Encrypted PDF after decryption:

Encrypted PDF